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Exercises lesson 8

8.E Exercises

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Your are advised to print the tables with exercises and to fill in. The exercises form a separate page, therefore only the exercises will be printed. You can check your answers using the Answer book.

  1. Exercise 1. Translate to English: 'Habo ra'
  2. Exercise 2. Translate to English: 'Zanka daray'
  3. Exercise 3. Translate into Zarma: 'The snake'
  4. Exercise 4. Translate into Zarma: 'Shopping'
  5. Exercise 5. Translate into Zarma: 'Food'
  6. Exercise 6. Translate to Zarma: negative, past tense
  7. Exercise 7. Translate to Zarma: negative, future tense

8.E.1 Translate into English: 'Habo ra'

Zarma English
Boro marge no kaa ne hunkuna?  
Ay si bay; ay mana di ey.  
Gondi marge no ni di?  
Ba afo. Ay si ba r’ey mo.  
Iri na tira wo caw, amma a gay; a si te koyne.  
I n’ay donton ŋwari ceeciyaŋ se.  
Habu koyyaŋ si fala.  
Dala way cindi gu si jinay boobo day, amma boro ga du ŋwari hanno sohõ.  
Dala waranka ihinka si, a si kiloo fo ham day.  
Ba boro kaŋ ga ni bay, a si neera ni se faala.  
Wayboro boobo ga kaa habu susubay kulu.  
I ga kande haamo da kolkoti da labtanda da gunguri.  
Amma han kulu i s’i kulu neera.  
Ni koy habu susub’o, wala?  
Abada! Ay mana koy.  
Ay mana ba fatta fuwo ra susub’o.  
Wayborey kaŋ ga kaa habu, i ga kaa ihinka-hinka wala ihinza-hinza; i si kaa afo-afo.  


8.E.2 Translate to English: 'Zanka daray'

Zarma English
Bi ay koy kwaara fo; zanka fo daray, ay mo n’a ceeci.  
Kwaara borey ne, zanka fo kaa i do; amma manti nga no kaŋ iri go no ga ceeci.  
Amma borey din mana cimi ci, zama zanka din go no.  


8.E.3 Translate into Zarma: 'The snake'

Zarma English
Snakes come in the night.  
One came to our door last night.  
Did you see it? I didn’t.  
I didn’t even look at it.  
Even though it was dead,
I will not look at it.


8.E.4 Translate into Zarma: 'Shopping'

English Zarma
Every morning a woman comes to my compound.  
She sells beans, rice, onions, squash, and eggs.  
I shall buy eggs three for two dalas, but not a dala each.  
There are not many oranges, but limes will do for us.  
Limes are 8 for 2 dalas.
(the "for" is not transferable)


8.E.5 Translate into Zarma: 'Food'

English Zarma
Africans make food with guinea corn, but white people like wheat.  
Yesterday my mother didn’t buy meat, but today she will buy meat and also onions.  
They will take the meat out of the dish.  
They will take the money from the child.  


8.E.6 Translate to Zarma: negative, past tense

English Zarma
We didn’t remove the oranges.  
We didn’t see the European.  
We didn’t obtain the money.  
We didn’t seek you (plural).  
We didn’t know that African.  


8.E.7 Translate to Zarma: negative, future tense

English Zarma
We won’t remove the oranges.  
We won’t see the European.  
We won’t obtain the money.  
We won’t seek you (p).  
We won’t know that African.  


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