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Answers lesson 1

1.F Answers

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Answers by the exercises of Lesson 1:

  1. Answers exercise 1. Conjugate each verb
  2. Answers exercise 2. Translate to English
  3. Answers exercise 3. Greetings

1.F.1 Answers exercise 1, conjugate each verb

Table 1
Conjugate kaŋ Conjugate koy
ay kaŋ ay koy
ni kaŋ ni koy
a kaŋ a koy
iri kaŋ iri koy
araŋ kaŋ araŋ koy
i kaŋ i koy


1.F.2 Answers exercise 2, translate to English

Table 2
Zarma English
Farkay fo zuru. One / A (certain) donkey ran (away).
Wayboro fo kaŋ. One / A (certain) woman fell.
Haw fo kani? One / A (certain) cow laid down?
Hansi fo koy. One / A (certain) dog went.
Yo fo kaŋ. One / A (certain) camel fell.
Bariyo kani. The horse lay down.
Zanka koy. A child went.
Fuwo kaŋ. The house collapsed (fell).
Waybora kaŋ The woman fell.
Hanso koy. The dog went.
Araŋ koy, wala? Did you go? (plural)
Zankey koy? The children went?
Musey zuru. The cats ran away.
Wande zuru, wala? Did a wife run away?
Araŋ kani, wala? Did you go to bed? / Did you rest?


1.F.3 Answers to exercise 3, greetings

Table 3
Boro A Boro B
Fofo Monsieur. Ngoyya. Fofo.
Ngoyya. Ni kani baani? Baani samay. Ni kani ka baan, dey?
Ni kani ka baan, dey? Baani samay.
Fofo waybora. Ngoyya. Fofo.
Ngoyya. Ni foy baani? Baani samay. Ni foy ka baan dey?
Baani samay. option: To madala. (top tip !)




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