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Cawyaŋ Zarma Sanni

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The textbook will contain about 26 lessons eventually . Each lesson starts with an introduction in Zarma, for example, a short story, which is followed by lists of vocabulary, some practical idiomatic winks, and/or grammar topics.

Vocabulary lists are classified in verbs, nouns and other words, such as adjectives and adverbs. For each word both a translation and an indication of the pronunciation is provided. An explanation of the pronunciation is given in the pronunciation guide, wich you can open by clicking the Pronunciation Guide icon on the right hand side.

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Grammar topics are explained briefly in the lessons as the focus will be on giving you as many example sentences as possibible, so that you can use or easily adapt the sentences to practice and improve your skills. Therefore, in many lessons you will get practical idiomatic winks, that is, examples of the use of combinations of words with a specific meaning. Grammar will be discussed in depth in the grammar book. Just click on the Grammar book icon on the right hand side to open the grammer book.

For each lesson exercises are available to practise the newly learned words and grammar. To check your answers, click Answerbook in the menu on the top. For the first three lessons you can practice interactively by using the I-training, just click I-training in the menu on the top.

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Zarma greetings

In the first ten lessons attention will be paid to greetings. The ritual of greeting is very important in Zarma society, as well as in many other African societies. One takes time for greeting before coming to the topic to be discussed. It goes far beyond the "Hello" and "How are you?" used in western Europe.

Lessons available
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