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Cawyaŋ Zarma Sanni

map of the river Niger

Logbook of the Zarma website


January 2016

Only new version of website
  • Added:
    • Sport, two pages with video of traditional wrestling in Dosso, 17 January 2016
    • Sport, page with video of traditional wrestling in Agadez, 23 March 2015
  • Updated:
    • Sport, table with finals (added final of Dosso)
    • Sport, page with final in Niamey, 2013, corrected 'under water' information


April 2015

Only new version of website (published 24 March 2015)
  • Updated:
    • Sport, table with finals (added Agadez, 23 March 2015)


Mars 2015

Only new version of website (published 2 March 2015)
  • Added pages for Lesson 13
    • Textbook lesson 13
    • Workbook lesson 13 and intro
    • Answer book lesson 13 and intro
    • added Lesson 13 tot menus and sitemap
  • New topic in grammar specials sections: colours
  • New popup: 'wa'
  • Updated:
    • Dictionary, mainly words related to lesson 13; word order 'T' corrected
    • Photo dictionary: added 'wa'
    • popups 'sandurku' (crate).
    • Spelling corrected for bankaaray in stead of bankarey (clothing) and kuuku/kuuko in stead of kuku/kuko (long).
    • Footnotes in vocabulary corrected in Lesson 11 and 12.
    • Description of webpages 'meta name - description' improved for most pages.
    • Slide show pages: added icons with links to pages with other culture topics
    • Review "Songhay as spoken by the Kaado of Niger", added link to Lesson 13.
    • Intro of textbook: added table with links to all lessons available
    • General start page, shortend text and added 'new' box
    • English start page, added direct links Grammar book en Pronunciation guide via icons, as well as to old version of website. Links in heading to old version replace by link to sEnglish start page of new version.
    • Intro page Wrestling: add dat of upcoming final in Agadez in 2015
  • Removed: guestbook due to too much spam


February 2015

Only new version of website
  • Added pages for Lesson 12
    • Textbook lesson 12
    • Workbook lesson 12 and intro
    • Answer book lesson 12 and intro
    • added Lesson 12 tot menus and sitemap
  • Updated:
    • spelling albasan, not albassan, in Lesson 7 and 8 and answers Lesson 3,
    • Lessson 10, section numbers corrected
    • Dictionary, mainly words related to lesson 12

January 2015

Only new version of website
  • Added pages for Lesson 11
    • Textbook lesson 11
    • Workbook lesson 11
    • Answer book lesson 11
  • Added floating navigation menu to dictionary to make switching between letters more comforteble.
  • Added links to a website with overview of embassies and other representations of Niger, Mali and Benin in other countries in the world
  • Updated:
    • Site map grammar per lesson
    • Dictionary, mainly words related to lesson 11
    • links in lessons to topics in other (newer) lessons
    • Small corrections in earlier lessons, such as Ɲamay in stead of Nyamay
    • credits and account page

December 2014

Only new version of website
  • Search engine replaced, JRank installed on all pages (PicoSearch no longer available)
  • Answerbook, intro page, table with links to lessons updated
  • I-training, problem with PHP 5.6 posting and checking 'ŋ' and 'Ŋ' solved.
  • New page: links to other relevant websites updated and in new format
  • Sitemap of website updated.
  • Credit page
    • link to page with references (list of books)
    • restored link to v-card Sandra Bornand
  • Lessons
    • popup 'auxiliaries' provided with scroll bar
    • intro, empty space between header part and content part removed
  • Removed:
    • Uptrend website monitor (no longer a free version available)
    • Logo and direct link to Arnibel.be website (news in Zarma no longer available)
  • Traditional wrestling
    • intro page, links to pages with youtube movies in table restored
    • all pages, link to picture 'list of finals' restored
    • page 2009 and 2010, video playing restored (embed & video directory)
    • page 2013, 3 additional pages added with videos of trilling fights
    • New: pages 2014, extended version and summary
  • Photo Dictionary
    • link to 'goy' repaired
    • popup 'hansi' updated (source no longer available)
    • popup 'haw gunni' link to photo restored; capitals in extention (JPG) changed to lower case (jpg)
  • Culture & music
    • New: Mali Yaro web page created
    • Riddle, answer added (sorry, I forgot it)
    • Marcanda, short description of this ritual added to video as well as links to more information.
    • Chaibou Aerou, some information and a link to Djibo Badje added.
    • Festival in 1980s, text and link to Parade slide show added.
    • Reviews, Dutch term 'auteurs' replaced by 'authors'.

February 2014

  • Lesson 10 revised and added to the new version of the site.
  • In vocabulary lists of lessons: added a sign to words in case a word's meaning depends on its pronunciation.
  • Page with introduction to traditional wrestling: added 35th games in Diffa and link to wrestling.com for more information about wrestling
  • Left hand side menu: error causing problems in Windows Internet Explorer solved.

April 2012 - January 2014

  • A complete make-over of the website lay-out. The course is now available up to Lesson 9 (including exercises and answers). Web page with links to external site not yet available.
  • Spelling and grammar
    • Spelling fully adapted to the formal rules laid down by the Niger government in 1999.
    • definitive article of nouns with a-ending, an extra a is added to make give the noun the definite form (previously the noun remained unchanged).
    • the definite singular and plural form of nouns with ay-ending; nouns with -ay become either -a or -ayo in singular and -ey or -ayey in plural (previously not covered)
  • Pages edited
    • Credit page: updated
    • Lesson 1
      • 1.D.2, table with examples extended and re-organised
      • 1.D.4, table with examples extended
      • 1.D.5, table with examples extended
      • 1.D.6, second table, English translation corrected

March 2012

  • Added two pages with videos of the final of the traditional wrestling games in Maradi, Niger, 2012; summary and video of entire final. Added links to page in menu on home page, on sitemap and all 'sport and culture' pages.
  • Changes in spelling (adaptation to new spelling, including derived words): cerey to ceray; farta to fatta; harey to haray; ibare to ibar; jiri to jiiri; kubey to kubay; teji to teeji; wete to weete; yesi to yeesi; zari to zaari
  • Pages edited
    • Home page: removed 'old news', added link to 33th games
    • fact sheet: week and days: Zarma names of days adapted to new spelling and added definite form
    • Start page Traditional wrestling: added info about the 33th final
    • Photo session traditional wrestling: reorganised and added links to wrestling videos
    • Link page: added link to Plan website with recordings in Zarma.

February 2012

  • Pages edited:
    • Start page Traditional wrestling: added data of 33rd final and link to article about the installation of the organising committee.
    • Lesson 1:
      • full check of lesson, spelling of words and links
      • html-codes and javascripts adapted to Firefox requirements
      • added photo to introduction
      • added links in list of nouns to both new (yo and musu) and existing (hansi) pop ups.
    • Lesson 16: some small errors correct; like hine change to hino.
    • Mini photo dictionary Zarma - English: added photos, musu (cat) and yo (dromedary)
    • Edited general introduction page of website, of Zarma language and of course; o/a check of links and update of information.
    • Credit page: updated and added links to pfd files of SILs reports on Songhay language varieties.
    • Moussa Poussy page: text updated, broken links restored or removed, links to songs added (arné, gossi, nago nago, waino), and html-codes adapted to Firefox requirements.
    • Sitemap: added links to Lesson 16 and 32nd wrestling games; html-codes adapted to Firefox requirements
    • hoto sitemap: added danaw, hansi, gangamizey, kangaw, kwaari, mo (eye), musu, simbarko and yo
    • Link page: all links checked and restored and/or replaced in case of broken links;
    • html-codes and javascripts adapted to Firefox requirements of following pages:
      • grammar content page
      • index page of grammar
      • guest book entry page
  • Changes in spelling (adaptation to new spelling): cebe to cabe; farka (singular) to farkay; nera to neera; ngoya to ngoyya; samey to samay.

January 2012

  • Added Lesson 16 plus exercises, answers to the exercises and update of dictionary with new words and update of index pages.
  • Added pages with a film about Waffa style of hair braiding (turuyaη). A film by Ibrahim Labo Kalla (Niger).  
  • Additions and improvements regarding dictionary and words in text:
    • Introduction to dictionary: added additional literature and some additional notes about spelling of Zarma words.
    • Change of turi, /o (tree) to tuuri, /o.
    • Addition of composed words with tuuri. Addition of turi, /o (braid) and words based on this and all new words of Lesson 16.
    • Change of spelling of other words to make them in accordance with new spelling: zibi to ziibi; bankarey to bankaarey; alwati to alwaati; mare(y) to maray; nyumey to nyumay; wasi (and other derived words) to waasi; ηwarey to ηwaaray; matekan to mate kaη; kwara to kwaara; kwarey to kwaaray; ta to taa; karu to kaaru; sobey to sobay;
  • Pages edited:
    • Mini photo dictionary Zarma - English: added photos danaw, kangaw, mo (eye), and simbarko; added information to tooltips (show translation)
    • Hippopotamus hunt: links added to film excerpts as the movie is presently not available due to a copyright dispute.
    • Credit page:
      • added additional literature used to improve this website.
      • update link to Henk Mengerink's website with java scripts.
    • List of domestic and wild animals: Latin name 'Bulbucus ibis' changed to 'Bubulcus ibis'
    • Pop ups with photos of animals:
      • added links to Wikipedia pages with information
      • added (under water) codes with meta name="description" and "keywords"script for data update changed and unified.
      • tooltips scripts adapted (see 'solutions found' below).
    • Lesson 15 and subpage: link to Jackson Neisse and Noelle Smith (1995) updated.
    • Links to 'turuyan' main page added to all sport and culture pages, as well as to the index page and site map.
    • Brand mark changed (2012).
    • Start page:
      • added link to ARNIBEL news letter in Zarma language;
      • small change in page design (sub heading removed; direct links to log book and downloads added to heading);
      • changed javascript to show Tooltips (see below)
      • removed 'page rank' of http://pagerank.rankstat.com, because information is no longer provided.
    • Solution found to show tooltips in Firefox (implemented in Lesson 16):
      • to show answers with special designed Javascript tooltips blocks; solution found at webdeveloper.com and used script from doctordirectory.com.
      • to show ALT text (attribute in img tags) in figures; solution found at petefreitag.com; used TITLE to show text, in addition to ALT. Adapted all pop-ups.
    • Answer book: introduction page, table of content updated with links to answers of exercises of lesson 14, 15 and 16.
To be completed with history between 2004 and 2011


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