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Cawyaŋ Zarma Sanni

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Introduction to the interactive Zarma language workbook

The interactive workbook contains exercises related to the lesson of the Zarma textbook and are partly similar to the exercises in the regular workbook. Currently exercises for lesson 1 up to 3 are avaible. The exercises of the other lessons are being prepared.

The menu on the left hand site, below the main menu, enables you to select a lesson. After selection, by clicking your mouse button, the first exercise of the selected lesson appears. The menu on the left changes and will show now all the exercises of the selected lesson.

Screen dump of I-workbook of Zarma language course

The training starts with practising words from the vocabulary lists (verbs, nouns, other words). First you are asked to translate from Zarma to English and then from English to Zarma. Next your may practice your knowledge with sentences. The training ends with a picture with some questions that you should try to answer.

When typing Zarma words with a ŋ or a Ŋ, you may use the buttons shown close to the field where you have to enter your answer. You may also type the ASC-II code (&#331 for ŋ en &#330 for Ŋ) if you think it is more convenient.

You should be aware that in some cases more than one answer is correct. All correct answers are accepted. In some cases some answers might be formally not incorrect, but should not be used. The preferred answer will be given.

You can check you answer by clicking on the "check answer" button at the end of exercise. If you have problems to find the correct answer, you can use the 'answer' button to get the correct answer. Of course you can always use the textbook and the answer book to check your answers. You open these books by selecting the related lesson in the menu above



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