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Group of musicians in the street of Niamey, Niger, playing traditional instruments

Zarma culture: Hip hop music

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Wass Wong:   Cimi fonda

Wass Wong stands for the message of the warriors. The group is formed in 2000 by merging two Nigerien rap groups Wassika and Wongari. Wassika is Haousa for message and Wongari (or wongaari) is Zarma for warrior. Main members of the group are Aradu Nasty, Alpha Moustapha Keita, alias Bilal Keit, and Almamy Koye. Guests musicians are Freddy, Tchetchiko, Pele and Torodo. Two albums are published T-nibon-C and Anazoua. The album T-nibon-C contains well known songs as Si, Regard du Sud en La détresse. Anazoua contains in addition to the title song numbers as Sharo, Cimi fonda, sida, and "Je tue avec le mic".

The title of the song cimi fonda (written as tchimi fonda) is Zarma and means the truth way. Although the title is in Zarma, the song itself also is in French and English. The tri-lingual refrain is written out as good as possible and a rough translation is given.


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The refrain [1]
(English in italic, French underlined)
Rough translation
Ay din ga za, I will take
Din ga din ga za. I, I will take
Cimi fonda. The truth way
Ma wasa fa. More than enough
Hey! Hey
Could you ma goro ga maa Could you sit down and listen
Hey ! Hey
Suba, ça ma kaa no, Tomorrow, that will come
Mo ra wo saŋ so fooru fa And slap a bucket, having a lot of fun
Les bonnes sont la. The good are there
Les bonnes sont la. The good are there
Ma ça ma cimi fonda. That is the truth way
[1] the transcription and/or translation may contain errors, please contact me for corrections.

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