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Group of musicians in the street of Niamey, Niger, playing traditional instruments

Zarma culture: Hip hop music

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Kaidan Gaskia:   Tun ga maa !

Kaidan Gaskia is Haousa and means 'To act with the truth' in other words: to respect the rules of truth. The name is sometimes written as Kaigan Gaskia. The group consist of Phéno Bi, Miss Safia and Kastro, who was a former member of the group " territoire ennemi ". Phéno was born at Dosso (Niger) 23 December 1972, Safia was born at Khartoum (Soudan) 15 April 1982.

Although the name of the group is Haousa, their songs often are in Zarma, for example, Windi windi (to walk around), Ni ga di ni ga maa (you will see, you will hear), and Watifo (When). Tun ga maa (written on the video as toun ga ma) means 'get up and listen'. The last album is Dieu est grand.

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Berey Koy, still from video 'Unité'
Berey koy
Cool Maïga, still from video 'Hip Hopo'
Cool Maïga
Ismo One, still from video 'Tun ne ga kay'
Ismo One
Kaidan Gaskia, still from video 'Tun ga maa'
Kaidan Gaskia
Wass Wong, still from video 'Cimi fonda'
Wass Wong

Some other videos of Kaidan Gaskia and Safiath you can view on YouTube or Dailymotion (e = English, f = French, h= Haousa, z = Zarma).

Kaidan Gaskia, Dix 2 retrouvés
Dix 2 retrouvés (z/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Wattifo
Wattifo (z/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Promesse
Promesse (z/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Windi windi
Windi windi (z/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Allahou Akbar
Allahou Akbar (z/f);
Kaidan Gaskia, A min no berey
A min no berey (z/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Hangne
Hangane (z/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Irya Gokoy
Irya gokoy (h/f)
Kaidan Gaskia, Baby
Baby (e)

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