General Vowels

In the table below the general pronunciation of the consonants in Zarma is given.

Bring the cursor to an example and the English translations appears. Clicking the left mouse button with the cursor on the example activate the sound file.

a e i o u

Vowel Pronunciation Example
may be very short as in senate

may be medium short as in alike

may be quite long as in father

habu, ban

neera, nama

baba, fala

is used for the long sound where there is a homonym. haabu, baan
may be long, as "a" in fate

may be medium as in merry
(similar to French è)

may be quite short as in end


neera, yeri

mare, mate

is generally long like "e" in he

is sometimes short, especially in closed syllables (those ending in a consonant), as in city

di, hi

jina, hima, sintin

is usually long, as in old

is rarely short, as in horn

bobo, koro

boro, fondo

is like "oo" in food bu, kulu, kuro
is used where there is a homonym with longer vowel kuuru

Last updated: 07 februari 2012