Special consonants

There are two special consonants in Zarma, which are not found either in English or in French, but, which are represented by consonants to which we give another value. The "c" and "j" are always before an "i", never a "k" or "g" in government spelling. They are a pair and are formed by the middle of the tongue against the middle of the palate, father forwards the "g" of "k", but not so far forwards as in "t" or "d".

C: is without the voice (as are "k" and "t")

J: is voiced (as are "g" and "d").

Don't let the familiar consonant make you mispronounce these two.

Consonant Pronunciation Examples
C, c
Is somewhat like a "tch" sound and in some regions as "ky" sound, in front of a "a", or "o", or "u", "c" sounds as "ch" in Chad cada, coro, cimi
J, j
Is somewhat like "gy" sound, before "o" or "a" or "e", "j" sounds as "dj" in Djibouti or djinn. jam, jeri, feji

Last updated: 23 februari 2008