15.E. Exercises

Your are advised to print the tables with exercises and to fill in. The exercises form a separate page, therefore only the exercises will be printed.
You can check your answers using the Answer book.

Exercise 1  Translate into English: verb-link conjunction
Zarma English
I goro ga fulanzam.  


Ma dangey ga maa.  


A zuru ga koy ga di.  


A zuru ga koy di.  


Ma koy ga fu meyo daabu.  


Borey ga maa Almishu baro ga Irikoy fonda suban.  




Ni kaŋ ga ni boŋ maray?  


Ma dangey hala ni ma maa.

(compare with second




Exercise 2  Translate into English: a conversation
Zarma English
Aysa: Ifo se no wandiyo wo kaa kwaara sohon?  




Kadiija: A kaa zama a ga ba ay ma nga boŋ hamno turu.  




Aysa: Haba? Ay mana bay ni ga wani turuyan.  




Kadiija: Oho. Za ay go zanka, ay nya g' a te.  




Sohon ay mo g' a te wayboro se.  



Aysa: Man ni nya go sohon?  


Kadiija: A si fu; a koy hala Table, Filingue hare.  



Za habu hinka no a koy.  


Aysa: Ifo se no a koy nodin?  



Kadiija: Ni mana bay ay kayne ga ba ga hay?  




Aysa: Ay mana bay.  


Ni man' a ci ay se.  



Exercise 3  Translate into English: a conversation
Zarma English
a: Madame a gay ay mana di nin.  



Manan ni ga kaa ga di ay watikulu; amma sohon ni ga te handu wala hinza ni si kaa.  





b: Ay coro, ni ga cim!  


Ay gay ga fay nin.  


Amma ni mo, ni mana bay ay izey kulu sinda baani?  




a: Jam!  


Ifo ga du ey?  


b: To, i gahamey kulu ga koron gumo.  



I si ba ŋwari mo.  


Amma sohon i te dama.  


a: Madala !  


Irikoy ma tonton baani !  


a: Amin !  



Exercise 4  Translate to Zarma: shopping
English Zarma
This morning my father told me to come and see him in Niamey, because he can't come here tomorrow.  






I want you to go to the market and buy me 150 francs worth of mutton, 75 francs worth of bananas.  







Choose bananas that are good and ripe, (*) because I want to eat them today.

(*) kan nin ka bori





Here is the money.  


If there is any left, you may take(*) it.

(*) sambu





Exercise 5  Translate to Zarma: verb-link conjunction
Zarma English
Sit down here and read your letter to me.  



Loan me 200 francs; I will pay you back at the end of the month(*).

(*) if the month dies





We are going to Goudel to see whether we can rent a horse.  




Come back and close the door.  



The woman dressed this young girl's hair.  





Exercise 6  Translate to Zarma: hunting
English Zarma
Hama: Yusufu loan me your gun.  



Yusufu: I can't loan it to you because my brother has it.  




Hama: Does you brother have a hunting license(*)?

(*) hunting papers




Yusufu: No, but I loaned him my license.  



Hama: Hey !  Careful they don't put you both in jail !  




Exercise 7  Translate to Zarma: bad eggs
English Zarma
A woman came to my house yesterday afternoon to sell eggs.





I put them all in water, but I didn't even find one that was good.  




Today I will go to the village and see if I can find some that are good.  





Exercise 8  Translate to Zarma: crop failure
English Zarma
Did you farm do well this year?  



No, we didn't get much millet.  



I suppose I shall have to(*) borrow money .

(*) look up "tilas" in Lesson 10




If not (*) we shall not get much food this year.

(*) da manti yadin



To bad !  


Well, may God give to you.  





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