12.E. Exercises

Your are advised to print the tables with exercises and to fill in. The exercises form a separate page, therefore only the exercises will be printed.
You can check your answers using the Answer book.

Exercise 1  Translate into English
Zarma English
Fondo kulu ga to kwaara fo.  


Iri kubanda Saley fonda me ga.  


Nga nda nga bere hinza no kan kaa.  



Ma kond' ay se goro.  


Ay sinda goro bobo, kala afollon.  



M' a naŋ jina.  


Kond' i se hanyan hari, zama a ma jaw.  




Exercise 2  Translate into English
Zarma English
Nda boro koy Goudel, ni ga di bogoto fu bobo.  



Ba bi ay gar i go no ga fu fo cina nda fereje nodin.  



Amma i ga ba fereje bobo hal' a kulu ma ban.  



Fereje zangu nda waranza si fu kayniyo cina.  



Amma i ga ba kwatakuyan fu meyo da fenetarey se, manti botogo.  





Exercise 3  Translate into English
Zarma English
Habodo boro fo go no kan ga borey cabu.  



I ga ne a se wanzam.  


A ga goro ganda, boro kan ga ba ga cabu mo ga goro a jina, hala a m' a cabu.  




Sini afollon ga te boro kulu se.  



Wanzam sini ga kaan.  



Exercise 4  Translate to English:
Zarma English
Wayboroyan go no kanyan ga zaama neera habo ra.  



Ay koy habu zama ay ma zaama hinza day.  



I boro hinka ga kaan, afa si kaan, amma i kulu ga te.  




Ni m' afo sambu da ni ga ba r' a.  




Exercise 5  Translate to English
Zarma English
Guna, ay kande kalam bobo kan ni ga neera zankey se.  




Haggoy ni ma si i mun laabo ra.  



Marge no?  


Watokan ay n' i kabu, ay du zangu ihinka se.  




Exercise 6  Translate to Zarma: Indefinite plural
English Zarma
Bricks are hard.  


Only Europeans live in that house.  



Razors are sharp.  


Some tailors live beside our compound.  



Be careful of (nda) that dog; some dogs are mean.  



They sell shoes in market  


That child put on shirts because rain came.  



We saw some people who said I should greet you.  





Exercise 7  Translate to Zarma: Higher numbers
English Zarma
(For) how much did you buy that home.  



I bought it (for) 6,000 francs.  





It is cheap.  


They sell a camel (for) 8,400 francs.  



But a small sheep is only 900 or 1000 francs.  




There 's a man in this town who has 75 sheep, if it isn't 80.





Exercise 8  Translate to Zarma: Hala & Kala
English Zarma
Don't throw away the drinking water until you get it again.

throw away = furu





Keep it safe until this evening.  



I went clear to the river's edge, but I didn't come across your antelope that is lost.  





Have you any food there?  


Nobody is hungry, except you only.  



Our children will take care of us until our dying day. (hane).  






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