Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

za since [precedes object rather than follows]
(preposition / conjunction; 4p)
za <ni> mana: before <you> (conjunction; 21)
za doŋ: since long ago, since a long while ago, since formerly (adverb; 16p, 17p)
za gayyaη: since long ago, since a long while ago
(adverb; 17p)
za jingina: since long ago, since a long while ago (adverb; 17p)
za sintina: from the beginning (adverb; 17)

zaama knife, dagger (noun; 12p)

zabu to decrease, to diminish (verb; 21)

zam, zamo blacksmith (noun; 23p)

zama because [with indicative mood]; so that, in order that [conjunctial uses in reference to time, and with subjunctive] (conjunction; 7p, 10p)

zambar thousand [1000] (cardinal number; 12p)

zan heifer (noun; 5 list)

zangu hundred [100] (cardinal number; 12p)

zangu hinka two hundred [200] (cardinal number; 12p)

zanka child, youngster [size and age, not offspring] (noun; 1p)

zankatarey, zankatara childhood, childhoodness (noun; 22)

zaŋey, zaŋeye illness [usually a painful one] (noun; 19p)

zara woman's one-piece robe, large piece of cloth without seams; body cloth (noun; 19p, 21p)

zara-zara rag (noun; 19p)

zaari, zaaro daytime, day, noon [tone from high to low]; ill-will [tone from low to high; in greeting] (noun; 6p, 9p), examples:
zaari hinka ay mana di a ~ I haven't seen him for two days
a ga dira zaari ~ he will travel by day
a fulanzam zaari bindi ~ he took his rest at noon
yaw si kubay zaari ~ a guest doesn’t encounter ill-will [reply to Kubayni !] (9)

Zarma [Zarma boro] Zarma; Zarma woman/man
(adjective / noun; 6)

zati [untranslatable, used to intensify a statement; example: "A bin zati." = It is quite finished. Remark: use sparingly] quite, at all, sure (interjection; 18)

zay to steal; to sprout, to grow (verb; 15)

zen, zeno, zena [*] old (adjective; 13p)

zeney oldness, age (noun; 25)

zeri to throw down, to knock down, to condemn (verb; 19p)

zey, zeyo thief, robber (noun; 10p);
zey to steal, to rob [usually owner absent] (verb, 10p)

ziba pocket (noun; 12)

zibda civet cat [mammal] (noun; 5 list)

ziibi, ziibi, ziibo {zibi} [*] dirty, filthy [tone from high to low]
(adjective; 21)
ziibi, ziibo {zibi} dirt, filth [low tone] (noun; 21)

zinji to shake [transitive], to wobble, to shake up (verb; 22)

ziri to rub vigorously, to scrub, to scour [not to massage]
(verb; 22)

zoŋo (golden) jackal [mammal] (noun; 5 list)

zoru to clear land [of last years millet stubble in order to prepare it for sowing]; reclaim, deforest, to remove brushwood (verb; 15)

zu, zuwo strip of cloth (noun; 23p)

zumbu to descend, to get down; to dismount, to come down, to alight; to come to stay, stay over (verb; 6p)
<someone> zumbu <some other one> gaa: <someone> arrived to stay with <some other one>

zunubi, zunubo sin (noun; 11p)

zunubikoy, zunubikoyo sinner (noun; 11)

zurandi make to run, to race [a horse] (verb; 19)

zuru to run, to run away (verb; 1p)

zuruko, zurukwa runner (noun; 11)

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