Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

wa milk (noun; 13p);
~ (verb auxiliary indicating positive imperative mood plural)

wahaku eighty [80] (cardinal number; 12p)

waïtam (sand) boa [reptile] (noun; 5 list)

wala or, either (conjunction; 7p); to do [used as indicator for question] (exclamation; 1), example:
I zuru, wala? Did they run away?
I zuru? They run away?

walia Abdim's stork [bird] (noun; 5 list)

walla [wallaahi] oath used by most Zarmas, at the end of many statements, not realy requiring an oath. Means "by God", short for wallahi [I swear by God]. Learn to distinguish it from "wala" [or]; up on my word, forsooth (interjection; 10p)

wallaahi {wallahi} [walla]: see walla

wande, wando wife (noun; 1p)

wandiyo, wandiya adolescent girl [literally: virgin], unmarried woman [that is never was married], girl friend, fiancée
(noun; 15p)

waane, waano {wane} someone, the other; thing or person that is owned by or related to (noun; 17); the one of [in combination with personal pronoun or name] (pronoun); examples:
a waane haw ~ his cow
hay kulu araŋ waane no ~ all things are yours
ay ya Bulos waane no ~ I am of Paul, I am Pauls (wo)man

wangu, wango war (noun; 16p)

wani different, separate, apart [opposite of saba] (adverb; 18p)

wani [#]: to know how to (verb; 7p);
wani ka know how to (verb; 15)

wani-wani each different [separate] from other (adverb; 18)

wankalga vervet monkey [mammal] (noun; 5 list)

waŋzam native barber (noun; 12p)

waranka twenty [20] (cardinal number; 6p)

waranka afo si nineteen [19] (cardinal number; 6p)

waranka ihinha si eighteen [18] (cardinal number; 6p)

warankanta twentieth ordinal (number; 24)

waranza thirty [30] cardinal (number; 12p)

wargayan thickness [through] (noun; 25)

wargida [H: uwargida] first, senior or only wife (noun; grammar)

wasa enough (adverb; 18p); to be enough (verb;15)

waasi {wasi} quickly (adverb; 18);
waasi-waasi: very quickly (adverb; 18)
waasi boη: immediately, at once (adverb; 16);
waasi, waaso quickness (noun; 18)

wassu to boil [of liquid; intransitive] [tone goes down]
(verb; 18p)

waasu to be quick [tone stays high] (verb; 18p)
wasu ka kaa to hurry and come, to come quickly (verb; 18)

waate, waato [wati] period, season (noun; 15)

watel [futal] hotel (noun)

wati, wato [waate] season, time [contraction of alwaati] (noun; 6p)
wato ... go no: once upon a time there were ... (interjection; 9)

watifo [wati fo] when (pronoun; 19)

watikan whenever, when [in general, in future]
(conjunction; 10p)

watikulu every time (adverb; 11)

watodin in that time (adverb; 15)

watodin ga [to ga] next, after that, then (adjective; 11p)

watokan the time when; time which [in indirect question]
(pronoun; 7, 19)

way [= iway] ten [10] [in combination with noun]
(cardinal number; 3)
way [from wayboro] female [often in combination with noun] (adjective; 5)

way zeno [way zeno mehaw] seventh month of lunar year (noun; 25p)

way zeno mehaw [way zeno] seventh month of lunar year (noun; 25)

wayboro, waybora woman, female; [by extension:] mother (noun; 1p, 16)

wayborotarey, [?] [dafe, kuna] vagina, female parts, womanhood (noun; 10)

wayce second or subsequent wife in plural marriage
(noun; 26p)

waydu sixty [60] (cardinal number; 12p)

wayga ninety [90] (cardinal number; 12p)

waygu fifty [50] (cardinal number; 12p)

wayhiji, wayhijo bride up till first baby comes (noun; 26p)

wayma {weymey, woyma, woyme} to go or to do in the late afternoon; to travel in the late afternoon [related to wiciri] (verb; 17)

wayme, waymo sister [of a male] (noun; 7p)

wayna funey, wayna funeyo east (noun; 22)

wayna kaŋey west (noun; 22)

wayno, wayna  sun (noun; 13p)

waytaci fourty [40] (cardinal number; 12p)

wayye seventy [70] (cardinal number; 12p)

weete {wete} to pass the forenoon to 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. (verb; 7p)

Wey! Ouch! (interjection; 15)

wi to kill [also to reap, to harvest [grain] (verb; 2p)

Wi za! What do you know!; Lo and behold, honestly!; As a matter of fact ... (interjection; 15)

wiciri to pass the the late afternoon until sundown (verb; 7p);
wiciri, wiciro late afternoon to sunset, today only (noun; 4p)

wiciri kambu, wiciri kambo late afternoon to sunset, any day (noun; 4p)

windi to go around, to encircle [tone from low to high]
(verb; 15p);
windi-windi to visit different compounds; to go about from place to place (verb; 18);
windi, windo fence encircling an area, compound enclosed by such a fence or wall [tone from low to high] (noun; 15p)

windikoy, windikoyo family chief (noun)

wo {woo} this (adjective; 7p)

wo … no [ya ... no] to be [with stated subject] (verb; 6, 9)

wo kulu kan everyone (pronoun; 7)

wodin that [one] (pronoun; 7p)
wodin banda after that, subsequently, next (adverb; 11p)

wofo which (pronoun or adjective; 9p)

wohendi {wo hendi} } the one beyond (pronoun; 7)wohendiyan {wo hendiyaη} those beyond, those over beyond there (pronoun; 7)

wokan the one that [in indirect question] (pronoun; 19)

wone {woone} this one here, these here [one or two or more; one that is here not there] (demonstrative adjective; pronoun; 7, 15p)
wone yaη {woneyan, woone yaŋ} these [plural of wone] (pronoun; 7)

wongu to refuse, to resist, to reject, to hate [tone from high to low] (verb; 16p); to make war [tone stays low] (verb; 16p)

woyongo yonder one, the one over there (pronoun; 7)

woyongoyan yonder ones, those over there (pronoun; 7)

wura gold (noun; 17p)

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