Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

saba [sasabandi] to come to an agreement, to agree, to be reconciled;
to be equal, - identical, - just  (verb; 21);
saba sorghum (Sorghum bicolour var.)
[deydey]: equal, even, same (adverb; 18p)

sabbese because of, on account of (conjunction; 13p)

sab'bize {sabizé} Borassus aethiopum; tall palm from which construction logs come from (noun; 16p)

sabu {saabu} to thank, to be thankful (verb; 6p)

sabuyan, sabuyaŋo {saabuyan} thanking (noun; 7)

sabyan, sabyaŋo justice, reconciliation (noun)

safar to treat medically, to apply medicine (verb; 16p)

safari, safaro medicine; magic, fetish charm; disinfectant, antiseptic product (noun; 4p)

safun (F): soap (noun; 21)

sagey do [do, do-ize]: locust, grasshopper [animal]
(noun; 5 list)

saha din {sahadin, sahã din} immediately, at once
(adverb; 17p)

saajaw {saajow} to take care of, to look after, to care for; to be in control of, to manage (verb; 16)
saajaw {saajow} care, carefulness (noun)
nda saajaw: carefully (adverb)

saji, sajo [ganji] wilderness, “bush”, unfarmed area, dessert
(noun; 7p)

salan to speak, to utter words (verb; 9p);
salan … boŋ to talk about [not gossip however] (verb; 9p)

salanga [kosandi] latrine, earth closet; [by extension:  toilet, water closet, lavatory] (noun; 16)

salati (F): lettuce (noun; 8)

salle to offer, to tender, to hold out something to someone (verb)

samay {samey} completely, entirely, totally, absolutely, thoroughly, quite (adverb; 1)
baani samay just fine [reply to greeting questions]
(interjection; 1)
samay-samay very well; exactly right (adverb)

samba to send [an object] (verb; 3p)

sambu to pick up, to take up, to take  (verb; 12p)

sana needle (noun; 23p)

sanda [danga] like, as, as though [danga and sanda sometimes have the word cine after their object] (preposition, conjunction; 17p); examples:
may no woone kaŋ goono ga bangay sanda mo boyaŋ, ihanno no sanda hando, fasaw sanda wayna, kaŋ gonda gaakuri sanda wongu marga nda nga liiliwaley ~ who is she that looks forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?
ya ay baakwa, ni ya ihanno no, sanda Tirza kwaara cine ~ thou art fair, O my love, as the city of Tirzah.

sandarku, sandarko wooden box, crate (noun; 13p)

sandi, sando hard [literally and figuratively], difficult
(adjective; 8p)

sanku [sankufa] especially, particularly, specially, specifically, chiefly; much more [with positive]; much less, let alone [with negative] (adverb; 18p)

sankufa {sanku fa} see sanku

sanni, sanno [cine]: language; speech, words, remarks
(noun; 9, 16)

sanni yeriyan repetition (verb; 16p)

saŋ to slap (verb; music sheets)

saŋiri, saŋiro slap, cuff on the ears (noun)

saŋyaŋ, saŋaŋo the action of slapping (noun)

sara [hasara, te hasara]: to spoil [intransitive] ; to spoil, to ruin [transitive] (verb; 13)
bina sara: to be sad (verb; 15)
bine sare, bine sara: grief, sorrow (noun; 13p)

sare see sara

sarga to sacrifice, to give alms (verb)

sargamay, sargamayo subject of offering or alms

sargay, sargaya offering, sacrifice; alms, gift (noun)

sargko, sargka {sargkow, /a} person performing sacrifice (noun)

sasaba catch fish with small manually operated net at the edge of river (verb)

sasabandi [sabandi, saba] to smooth, to level out, to adjust; to agree, to reconcile (verb)

sasabante average (noun)

sasabay to be average, - medium (verb)

sasabu to crush millet (verb)
sasabu, sasaba 'beard' (rachilla) of millet or sorghum connecting grain to stalk (noun)

sasabubeene upload [of computer file to the internet] (verb)

sasabuganda download [of computer file from the internet] (verb)

satumba (F) September [Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar] (noun; grammar/time)

sayakan cine the kind of time that [in indirect question] (pronoun; 19)

saye, sayo [saaye, saayo] luck [for oneself] (noun; 15)

se to, for [usually necessary for indirect object]
(preposition; 6p)

seeku (A) sheikh (noun)

sey, sey, seyo [*] yellow (adjective; 9p)

sey-sey to scatter about, to scatter far and wide (verb; 18)

si [s'] ~ [verb auxiliary to indicate negative imperfect, i.e. present and future tense] (auxiliary; 8)

sibey to do not know (verb; music pages)

sigari, sigaro (F): cigarette (noun)

sikka si without doubt, doubtless (adverb; 18p)

silli, sillo thread, string (noun; 23p)

simbar {simbaru} [fanaη] to limp, to hobble (verb)

simbarko, simbarkwa {simberko, simbarukow} [fananko] lame person, crippled, game (noun; 16p)

sinaadar link, connection (noun)

sinda to be without, to not have [antonym of “gonda”] (verb; 8p)

sini, sino razor (noun; 12p)

sinji to make secure, to plant securely, to establish (verb; 22)

sintin to start (verb; 15)

sintina first (ordinal number; 24); at first, first, beginning (adverb; 17p);
sintina day: first, in the first place
sintina gaa: in the beginning
za sintina: from the beginning
handu sintina zaari sintina ra: on the first day of the first month
sintina day, ay g'araŋ saabu: first, I thank you
kaŋ go araŋ do za sintina
: which you had from the beginning
woodin no ga ti feema sintina: that is the first altar
i ga ti diraw sintina: they first take a journey 

so, sa bucket (noun; music sheets)

sobay {sobey} to continue, to go ahead [not physically necessarily], to keep going (verb; 10p)

soboro [sorbo] mosquito [animal]  (noun; 24, 5 list)

soguyan shapeliness (noun; 25)

sohon {sohõ} now, at once (adverb; 5p);
hala sohon: until now, still (adverb; 17p);
sohon tiliyo:
immediately, this very instant (adverb; 17p);
right now (adverb; 18)

sooje, soojo soldier (noun; 13)

sokom to squat (on one's haunches, down), crouch (down), sit on one's heels; to squat to defecate (verb)

soolu to make preparations (verb; 13)
soolu, soolo preparation (noun; 13)

sorbo [soboro] mosquito [animal]  (noun; 24p, 5 list)

soori, sooro {sooru} diarrhoea, the runs (noun)

sorko, sorka descendant of Faran Maka Bote; praise-singers to spirits; ethnic group of fishers  (noun; culture pages)

sooro, soora [jidan bisa] {soro, sora} second story (noun; 24p)

sorro [ce] times
sorro fo: once, one time (adverb; 12p)
sorro hinka: twice (adverb; 12p)

sooru to have diarrhoea, to have the runs (verb)

suba tomorrow (noun; 4p)

suba susubey, suba susba tomorrow morning (noun; 4p)

suban to choose, to select, to elect (verb; 15p)

subasi day after tomorrow, or some other future day, not to far off (noun; 4p)

subu, subo grass, herbs, weeds; straw, hay (noun; 17p)

subu fu round one-room house [grass] (noun;24p)

sufurey to rent, to hire (verb; 15p)

sukar, sukaro (F): sugar (noun; 19p)

sukutu, [?] forehead (noun, 10)

sundu to absorb, infiltrate; to sink, to go down into water;
to drain; take snuff (verb, 15)

sungari, sungaro heat rash (noun; 20p)

sungey to sweat, to perspire (verb; 20p)
sungey, sungeyo perspiration, sweat (noun; 20p)

suru to be patient, to go carefully, to take it easy [tone from high to low] (verb; 24p)
suru, suro patience [tone low] (noun; 24p)

susubey, susuba morning (noun; 4p)

susura to spear fish (verb; 23p)

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