Ny (Ɲ)
Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

nya [nyaŋey: plural; nyaŋo: demonstrative] {ɲa, ɲano}: mother, maternal aunt  (noun; 7p);
nya: fruit tree (noun, 13)

nya gunde {ɲa gunda} real mother (noun; 26p)

nya-ize, nya-izo {ɲa-ize} brother, sister [same mother]
(noun; 26p)

nya-ka-fo-sina {ɲa-ka-fo-sina} child of father's brother or mother's sister, first cousin, usually mother's side; sometimes applies brother or sister, but nya'ize is more frequently used for this. Also: distant cousins (noun; 26p)

nyum {ɲum} to wash a part of the body or small object or the dishes (verb; 21)

nyuma [nyumna] {ɲuma} to do the wash (verb; 21)

nyumante {ɲumante} bathed; washed (adjective; 16, 21)

nyumay {ɲumay, nyumey} to take a bath; to wash oneself (verb; 21)

nyumna [nyuma] {ɲumna} to do the laundry, to wash clothes (verb; 21)

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