Ŋ (ng)
Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

ŋwa {ngwa} to eat (verb; 4p);
 .. na .. ŋwa: to conquer, to destroy (verb; 23);
 alwaati ŋwa: to waste time, to use up time (verb; 23);
 amana ŋwa: to betray a trust, to betray confidence, to break faith (verb; 23);
 koytarey ŋwa: to obtain a chieftaincy, to take over a kingdom, to become king (verb; 23);
  nooru ŋwa: to wast money, to spent money (verb; 23);
 riba ŋwa: to lose profit or gain, to eat up profit or gain
(verb; 23)

ŋwa ka kungu [Kutubi] first day on new lunar year (noun; 25)

ŋwaaray {ngwarey} to beg, to ask insistently, to plead (verb; 10p)

ŋwari, ŋwaro {ngwari, ngwaro} food, victuals (noun; 4p)

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