Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

na [n'] ~ [verb auxiliary to indicate positive perfect, i.e. past tense] (auxiliary; 2)

Na'am used as a man's answer on being called
(interjection; 15)

nagu kan place which [in indirect question] (pronoun; 19)

nama to bite (verb; 10p)

naamu custum, habit (noun)

naney [#] to trust, to have confidence [high tone] (verb; 10p)
naney .. ga
to trust in, to rely on (verb; 10p)
naney, naneyo trustworthiness [high tone, long "a"]
(noun; 10p)

nango [contraction of nangu wo] here, in this place
(adverb; 20); [definite of nangu] the place

nangu, nango place (noun; 8, 15p);
nangu kan: where (adverb; 20);
nangu kulu [nankulu]: anywhere (adverb; 15)

nankulu [nangu kulu] anywhere (adverb; 15)

naŋ to permit, to let -naη i m' a safar sohon: the let her treat is at once;  to let alone, to leave, to leave off, to quit, to cease (verb; 10p, 13p)

naŋ kan place which [in indirect question] (pronoun; 19)

naru to go on a journey, to take a trip, to travel (verb; 11p)

narukoy, narukoyo traveller (noun, 11)

naruyan, naruyaŋo journey, trip (noun, 11)

nda [nd', da, d'] and, with [low tone]; if, when [also rising tone]
(conjunction; 2p, 7p)

nda hiney at an early hour, early, soon [sometimes]
(adverb; 16p)

ndunya [undunya, nduɲa] world, universe (noun; 13)

nduɲa [undunya, ndunya] world, universe (noun)

ne to say [never “to tell”; tone from high to low] (verb; 3p)
ne … se to call (verb; 6)
ne, ne wo, ne ya [neya]  here, right here [tone from low to high] (adverb; 7p, 15p, 20), example:
Niamey ne: here is Niamey
ne hendi just over there

nehare over here, over this way (adverb; 20)

neera {nera, neere} to sell (verb; 1p)

neerako, neeraka {nerako; neerikow, /a} salesman, saleswoman, seller (noun)

neerante {nerante} for sale [literally: to be sold] (adjective; 21)

neya [ne ya]: right here (adverb; 15p)
Nga neya !  Here it is !

nga [a]: he, she, it; his, her, it; his, her, its
(personal pronoun; 1, 4)

ngey [i; ey]: they, them, their (personal pronoun; 1, 4)

ngoyya {ngoya}  thank you, the same to you, likewise [used to reply "fo" or "fonda" greeting] (interjection; 1)

ni [nin] you, you, your; thou, thee, thy [singular, never plural]
(personal and possessivepronoun; 1)

niisi blow (one's nose) (verb; 13)
niisi, niiso mucus, snot (noun; 13)

nin to be ripe, to be cooked (verb; 15p);
nin [ni] you, you, your; thou, thee, thy [ emphatic form of singular] (personal pronoun; 8)

nine, nina nose (noun; 10, 20p)

Nirlandese Dutch (adjective; 6)

nkaago black crowned-crane [bird] (noun; 5)

no to give (verb; 6p)

no garaw to loan money, to grant a loan (verb; 15)

no nda to give outright (verb; 6p)

no ... ya is, are [emphatic] (verb; 15p)

nodin there in that place (adverb; 12p)

nokoy, nokoyo donor, giver, one who gives (noun; 13)

norizé cyprea shell [animal] (noun; 5)

nooru, nooro money (noun; 6p, 8p)

noru guya whistling-duck (fulvous & white-faced) [bird]
(noun; 5)

noorujaŋko a pauper [moneyless person] (noun; 22)

noorukoni a rich person [moneyed person] (noun; 22)

noyan, noyaŋo gift [gerund] (noun; 11p)

nuune {nuney, /a} fire (noun)
nuunebeele, nuunebeela [beele, /a] flame (noun)

nuwamba (F) November [Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar] (noun; grammar/time)

ny [ɲ] words with ny see separate page

nzarfu, nzarfo silver (noun; 17p)

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