Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

ma [m'] ~ (verb auxiliary) indicating mood:
1. positive imperative mood singular; 11.D.2,
2. subjunctive mood; 10.D.1,
3. narrative mood; 22

ma {maa, maayo} name, designation; reputation, fame [low tone] (noun; 19p)
maa [#]{ma}[hangan] to hear; to understand [high tone]
(verb; 3p); to feel (verb; 13); to listen, to obey (verb)
ma daη: to name, to give a name (verb)
maa fufule
: to feel the heat; to be enough (verb; 13)
ma ga: in name of (postposition)

maan to approach, to come near (verb; 18p)

maanu near, nearly, about, almost (adverb; 18p)

Madala! Praise the lord!; That's wonderful (interjection; 15)

madam [F]: Madame, lady (noun; 3, 6)

mafey meat and vegetable stew (noun; 16p)

malafa [malfa] gun (noun; 13p)

malam [alfa, alfaga] [H]: religious teacher; by extension a priest [marabou] (noun; 3p)

malankasi [tay] pancreas (noun, 10)

malfa [malafa] gun (noun; 13p)

man where (adverb; 9p)

mana not in some constructions (adverb; 8)

mangu, mango mango (noun)

mannaŋ {mannan; manan} last year (adverb; 15p)

mansaŋ {mansan} now (adjective; 17)
mansaŋ cine {mansancine}: on the same time, at the identical moment (adjective; 17)

manti not [in some constructions] (adverb; 8p)

manu (see maray)

maray {marey, mare} to injure, to be wounded, to be hurt, to be injured [not to feel pain] (verb; 15p);
manu ka maray: to almost be hurt (verb; 18)

marga [margari, margamay, marganay; batu] group meeting, gathering, assembly (noun);
marga [margu] see margan (verb)
margakoy, margakoyo persons who arranges palaver

margan [margu] {marga, margandi} to unit, to join (together), to group, to bring together; to mate (with), to sleep with (sex) (verb; 13)
margan nd cere to mate with
margandi see margan (verb)
margananto, margananta united, assembled (adjective)
marganyan, marganyaŋo
action of uniting, assembling (noun)
margaŋko, margaŋkwa
person who units, who assembles (noun)

marge how much, how many [always singular noun]
(adverb; adjective; 8p, 9)
marge no how much is it [price] (adverb; 8p)

marksiney, marksina {margsiney} whatever is common to several persons, communality, similarity (noun; 13)

margu [marga, margan, margandi] to gather together, to assemble; to mix; to collect (verb; 19p)

mari cheeta [mammal] (noun; 5)

marsu (F) March [Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar] (noun; grammar/time)

masa panecake [may be made of millet, corn, flour, rice] (noun; 24p)

mate how [interrogative only; rarely equivalent to what]
(adverb; 6p, 9)

mate kaη the way that [in indirect question] (pronoun; 19)

may who; whose, which (pronoun; 9p)

mayu (F) May [Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar] (noun; grammar/time)

me, meyo opening, mouth, doorway; end, edge, limit
(noun; 6p, 10)
me [untranslatable, used to emphasize an affirmative; example: "Kala me!"= Of course!, Only just!] (interjection; 18)

me bene, me bena upper lip (noun; 10, 20p)

me feri tenth month of lunar year [literally: untie the mouth], 1ste day end of fast (noun; 25p)

me fo together, simultaneously, at the same time, at first, first (adverb; 17p)

me ganda lower lip (noun; 10, 20p)

me hamni, me hamno moustache (noun; 10, 20p)

me kwara´ Roan antelope [mammal] (noun; 5)

meele, meela [hi; abaara]: (large) ship, boat; steam ship

mehaw ninth month of lunar year, fast month, 1st day is beginning of the fast (noun; 25p)

mekidimbo spur-winged goose [bird] (noun; 5)

me-mundi, me-mundo tear drop, tear (noun; 10, 20p)

meri, meri, mero [*]: ugly (adjective; 12p)

miila [haw, tamaha] {mila} to think, to reflect (verb)
miile, miila {mile, /a} thought, idea; concern (noun)

miilyan, miilyaŋo {miilyoŋ, /o} action of thinking, of reflecting (noun)

miimandi {mimandi} to gossip, to chatter; to give away, to squeal (verb; 24p)
miimandi,  miimanda
{mimandi} gossip, chatter; giveaway, blabber  (noun; 24p)

miimandiko, miimandikwa tattler, telltale, snitcher, squealer (noun)

miimandyan, miimandyaŋo {miimandyoŋ, /o} action of giving away; charge, complaint (noun)

mo too, also [see grammar] (conjunction; 5p)
mo, moyo / mwa [mowa] rice [tone from low to high]; [also: moyize, moyizo] eye [low tone] (noun; 8p, 16p)

mo duma {moyduma} face (noun, 10)

mo hamni {moyhamni} eye brow; eyelash (noun, 10)

mo hari {moyhari} tear, teardrop (noun)

moo boo, moo booyan {mo bo, mobo} dawn, earliest light, crack of day (noun; 17p)

mo-fo-koy one-eyed person (noun; 16p)

mongu to be too hard, to be too difficult (verb; 19p)

monsieur [F]: gentleman, lordship (noun; 3)

montr, montro (F): watch, clock (noun)

moru far (adverb; 20);
moru, moro [*]: sour (adjective; 13p)

moso slowly (adverb; 18p)
hala manti moso: not a little, considerably, quite a lot (adverb; 16);
ma te moso take it easy (adverb; 18)

moso-moso very slowly (adverb; 18)

moto, mota car (noun; 5p)

motokoy, motokoyo driver; owner of a car (noun; 6)

Mouloud (F): 12th day, birth of Mohammed (noun; 25)

mudun, muduno trousers, pants (noun; 11p)

mun to pour out, to spill [also in the sense of to drop unintentionally] (verb; 12p)

musu beri, musu bero lion [literally: big cat]  [mammal]
(noun; 3p)

musu, muso cat [usually domestic, but sometimes lion]
(noun; 1p);
musu aru tomcat (noun; 5)
musu nya puss [has given birth] (noun; 5)
musu way puss [has not given birth] (noun; 5)

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