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General remark

Adjectives may have a prefix "i", either as predicative adjective with the verb "no" or when the noun antecedent is clear from the context, see Lesson 13. If a word is not in this list one might find it in the list with the second letter.

i [ngey; ey]: they, them, their (personal and possessive pronoun; 1)

ibar, ibaro {iberi, ibero} enemy (noun; 10p)

ibartaray, ibertarayo {ibertarey, ibertareyo} enmity, hostility, animosity (noun)

iddu six [6] (cardinal number; 3p)
iddu-iddu six by six, six apiece (interjection; 8p)

idduanta sixth (ordinal number; 24)

ifo what (pronoun; 9p)
ifo se: what for, why (adverb; 9p)

igu five [5] (cardinal number; 3p)

iguanta fifth (ordinal number; 24)

ihinka two [2] (cardinal number; 3p)
ihinka-hinka two by two, two apiece (interjection; 8p)

ihinkanta second (ordinal number; 24)

ihinza three [3] (cardinal number; 3p)

ihinzanta third (ordinal number; 24)

Ingilise English (adjective; 6)

Ingilisi boro English [wo]man (noun; 6)

iri {ir} we, us, our (personal and possessive pronoun; 1)

Irikoy, Irikoyo {Irkoy} God [literally: our chief; note tone] (noun; 6p)
Irikoy do {Irkoy do} [alzanna, beene] heaven (noun; 17)

isa river (noun; 6p)
ISA: Zarma name for Jesus (noun; 6p)

itacanta fourth (ordinal number; 24)

itaci four 94] (cardinal number; 3p)

iway ten [10] (cardinal number; 3p)
iway cindi ahaku eighteen [18] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi fo eleven [11] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi gu fifteen [15] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi hinka twelve [12] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi hinza thirteen [13] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi iddu sixteen [16] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi iyye seventeen [17] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi taci fourteen [14] (cardinal number; 6p)
iway cindi yegga nineteen [19] (cardinal number; 6p)

iwayanta tenth (ordinal number; 24)

iyegga nine [9] (cardinal number; 3p)

iyegganta ninth (ordinal number; 24)

iyyanta seventh (ordinal number; 24)

iyye seven [7] (cardinal number; 3p)

ize, izo fruit, offspring, seed, child [in this sense] (noun; 4p)
ize aru: boy (noun; 5)
ize way: girl (noun; 5)

izefutarey, izefutara wickedness, evil state, practice of evil (noun; 22)

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