Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

cabe {cebe} to show, to point; to advise (verb; 16)

cabu to shave (verb; 12p)

cada (H): expensive, dear (adjective; 8p)

cahan to hurry (verb, 18)

cahanyan [see da cahanyan]: haste (noun; 18)

cakay weaver (noun; 23p)

care [cere] each other (pronoun; 9)
care banda [cere banda]: together (pronoun; 9)
care ra {cere ra} [cella] in each other, together (pronoun)

cat with difficulties [see da cat] adverb 18

caw to read; to study, to learn (verb; 7p)
caw, cawo study (noun; 16)

cawandi {cewendi} to teach, to teach a "book religion"
(verb; 19p)

cawandiko, cawandikwa teacher, instructor (noun; 6, 11)

cawko, cawkwa {cewko, cewkowa} reader [someone who read] (noun)

cawyan, cawyaŋo {cewyoŋ} reading [the art of reading, or a religion based on a sacred book]; studying (noun; 7)

cawyan fu house religious services are held (noun; 7)

ce {cee} to call; to ring up (verb; 6p);
ce, ca leg, foot (noun; 6p, 20p);
ce [sorro]: time [as in one time, twice, many times]
ce fo: once (adverb; 6p);
ce hinka: twice (adverb; 12p)

ce beri (African) elephant [mammal] (noun; 5 list)

ce camse toenail (noun; 10)

ce ga: afoot (adverb; 10p)

ce-ize, ce-izo: toe (noun; 10, 20p)

ce kondo heel (noun; 10)

ce konno {ce waasu}: eighth month of lunar year or Muslim calender (noun; 25p)

ce mo, ce mwa {ce mowa} ankle (noun, 10)

ce wasso [Dendi for ce konno]: eighth month of lunar year
(noun; 25)

cebe (Songahi Kaado) {caba} to show, to point out (verb; 7p)

cecena fritter of beans (noun)

ceci {ceeci} to seek, to search, to hunt for, to look for
(verb; 5p)

ceciyan {ceeciyan} (act of) looking, search (noun; 8)

cella [cere ra, care ra] in each other, together (pronoun; 17)

cerraw side of chest (noun; 10)

cere [care] each other, one another, together [shows reciprocal relations] (pronoun; 9p, 13)
cere banda [care banda, cere bande] together (pronoun; 13)
cere ra {care ra} [cella] in each other, together (pronoun)

ceri to snap, to break [as a stick or bone does] (verb; 16p)

cermey, cermeyo craftiness, trickiness, cleverness
(noun; 25p)

cerram to be crafty, to be wily, to be tricky [exception: when a small child begins to learn to do things, he is said to be cerram, with no pejorative intention] (verb; 25p)

cerraw side of chest (noun; 20p);
cerraw ga on the side of, on the wall of (adverbs; 20)

cessante round about, on al sides of (adverbs; 20)

cessu ga round about, on al sides of (adverbs; 20)

cetu to throw away from, to lance (verb; 13);
cetu-cetu to pelt, to throw many times (verb; 18)

ci to tell [rarely “to say”] (verb; 9p)

cibsi [cimsi]: twelfth month of lunar year (noun; 25)

cilla basket, reed (noun; 20p)

cim (see cimi)

cimandi to believe [a statement] (verb; 19p)

cimi {cim} to be right, correct, to be true; to say the truth (verb; 15); example:
Ni ga cim! You're right! (interjection; 15)
cimi, cimo truth (noun; 8)

cimi-noyan-jaŋko a unbeliever [person of no faith], the unbeliever (noun; 22)

cimi-noyko, cimi-nokwa a believer (noun; 22)

cimsi, cimso [cibsi]: Tabaski, 70 days after the Ramadan celebration; twelfth month of lunar year (noun; 25p)

cin, cino night (noun; 6p)

cina to build (verb; 12p)

cine, cina equal, equivalent, peer (noun)
η cine {mansancine}:  on the same time, at the identical moment (adjective; 17)

cindi to remain, to be left over (verb; 6p)

cine, cineyo likeness, kind [high tone]; [sanni] speech, foreign language [low tone] (noun; 4, 18p, 20p)

cire under, below, beneath [tone from low to high]
(preposition; 4p); beneath, under (adverbs; 20)

ciray, ciray, cira [*]: red [sometimes brown, dark yellow, etc.]
(adjective; 9p)

ciray-ciray pink, light red (adjective; 18)

ciri, ciro salt (noun; 10p)

citi: to judge (verb; 23p);
citi, cito
judgement (noun; 23p)

ciya [#] to become (verb; 22)

ciyan communication (noun; 15)

coro, cora close friend (noun; 13p)

corotarey, corotara friendship, companionship (noun, 9, 22p)

cunari building, construction (noun; 23)

curo, cura [fatkoy] bird (noun; 3p)
curo bi helmeted guinea fowl [bird] (noun; 5 list)
curo kayna wad birds [bird] (noun; 5 list)

curukusey midday meal [may be as late as 2 p.m. or more]
(noun; 24p)

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