Zarma [synonym] (origin) {other spelling}:

English [remark] (word type; nr of lesson)

a [nga]: he, she, it; his, her, it; his, her, its (personal and possessive pronoun; 1); examples:
a koy fu «he/she went home»
ay ga ba r'a «I like him/her/it»
a hansi bu «her/his dog died»

abada never, not at all; emphatic “no!” (adverb, interjection; 8p)
hala abada: forever, eternally [literally: until never; like French: a jamais] (adverb; 11p, 17p)

abaara [hi; meele] (H) small makeshift boat for local use (noun)

adda machete, chopper (noun; 5)

adduwa (H): prayer [in general] (noun; 9p)
te adduwa (H): to pray [in general] (verb; 9p)

adili, adila right; honest, loyal, sincere (adjective; 22)

adilitaray, adilitara {adilitarey, /a} honesty, loyalty, sincerity, righteousness (noun; 22)

afa [definite of afo]: the one, the other (adjective; 12p)

afo [fo]: one [1] (cardinal number; 3)
afo koyne: another (adjective; 7p)
afo-fo: one by one, one each (interjection; 8p)
afo, afa
one (adjective; 1p)

afollon only one, just one, a single (adverb; 12p)

afoyan some (numerically, that can be counted), few, several
(determiner; 12)

afrillu (F) April [Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar] (noun; grammar/time)

agusta (F) August [Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar] (noun; grammar/time)

aha [haŋ'a] no (adverb; 2)

ahakanta eighth (ordinal number; 24)

ahaku eight [8] (cardinal number; 3)

aku African grey parrot [bird] (noun; 5 list)

alada [see also: birnya]: pig [domestic animal] (noun; 5 list)

alaamisi, alaamisa {alhamisi, alkamisa} (A) Thursday
(noun; 17p)

alarba (A) Wednesday (noun; 17p)

alasar, alasaro 4:30 till 5:00 p.m. “prayer” time (noun; 4p)

alatumi, alatumo orphan [of one or both parent] (noun; 26p)

albarka 'what a profit'; [if exclamation of a buyer: lower the price;
if exclamation of a seller: increase the price] (interjection; 8)

albassan, albassano onion (noun; 8p)

alborey brother- or sister-in-law (noun; 26p); plural of alboro

alboro, albora male, man [not woman] (noun; 5p)

alborotarey [bande, hanji] manhood, penis (noun; 10)

alcirikaa [alcirka] to eat breakfast, to break one's fast (verb; 24p)

alcirikaarey [alcirkaarey] breakfast, morning meal (noun; 24p)

alcirikaareyan, alcirikaareyaŋo {alcirkaareyyoŋ, /o}
breakfasting, action of eating in the morning (

alfa [alfaga, malam]: religious teacher; by extension a priest [marabou] (noun; 3)

alfaga [alfa, malam]: religious teacher; by extension a priest [marabou] (noun; 3p)

alfari, alfaro farmer (noun; 8)

alfatiya (A) [alfaatia] prayer [personal request, not recited] (noun; 9p)

alfatiyan te (A): to pray [personal request] (verb; 9p)

alfazar, alfazaro dawn, daybreak; first prayer call (noun; 13p)

alhadi, alhado (A) Sunday (noun; 17p)

alhahan sorry, excuse me [mild excuse] (interjection; 4)

alhakuna I’m sorry [more serious excuse] (interjection; 4)

alhamdulilahi (A) Praise be to God (interjection; 15)

alhasi That’s all right (interjection; 4)

alkama wheat (noun; 8p)

alman, almano [dabbe, dabbo] domestic animal (noun; 5, 25p)

almare to pass the later evening until bedtime [used in greetings]
(verb; 4p, 7p)

almari, almaro 8:30 till 9:00 p.m. “prayer” time; by extension: evening after dark up to bedtime (noun; 4p)

Almasihu Christ (noun, proper name; 9)
Yesu Almasihu: Jesus Christ

almayaali, almayaalo family, all members of a household (noun; 26p)
windo almayaali : all family members living in the compound

alokoto giant African land snail [animal] (noun; 5 list)

alpha tiow-tiow butterfly [animal] (noun; 5 list)

alsilama moslim (noun)

alula 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. “prayer” time (noun; 4p)

alumeti (F): matches (noun; 6)

alwaati, alwaato {alwati} season, time (noun; 6p)

alzanna [beene; Irikoy do] (A) paradise, heaven, place of sensual delights (noun; 17p)

alzuma [Han Beeri] (A): Friday (noun; 17p)

amaana confidence, trust [sentiment or feeling not an object or thing]; agreement (noun; 23p)

amerik boro American, American woman (noun; 6)

amerken American (adjective; 6)

amin amen [to any reply to a greeting which begins with Irikoy ma ..., the other answers: Amin!] (interjection; 7, 17)

amma [day] but, however (adverb; 7p)

anasara European; other lighter skinned person whose tribal name isn’t known. [Could also refer to Chinese or Turk. In short not boro bi.] (noun; 8p)
anasara bogoto , ~bogota plaster cast, plaster, cast [literally: white man's clay] (noun; 16)

ankura spur-thighed tortoises [reptile] (noun; 5 list)

anniya decision; intention; diligence, zeal (noun; 18);
determinately, spiritedly (adverb; 18)

annoori ant [animal] (noun; 5 list)

antanda red ant [animal] (noun; 5 list)

anzurey mother-in-law (noun; 26p)

anzurey alboro father-in-law (noun; 26p)

aŋwaara insect [animal] (noun; 5 list)

araŋ you [ye], you, your [plural, never singular] (personal and possessive pronoun; 1); examples:
araŋ kaa kwaara «you can to town»
ay n' a ne araŋ «I said it to you»
araŋ tirey go beri «your books are big»

arhiji, arhijo bridegroom, groom; newly married man (noun; 26p)

arkusu, arkuso elder, honoured adult (noun; 25p)

arkusu beri, arkusu bero village elder, counsellor (noun; 25p)

arme, armo brother [only of a female] (noun; 7p)

arwasu, arwaso fiancé, boy friend, adolescent boy until marriage (noun; 26p)

arzaka riches, wealth (noun; 18p)

asipti, asipto {assibiti} (A) Saturday (noun;17)

attalaata {atalata} (A) Tuesday (noun; 17p)

attini, attino {atinin, atinni} (A) Monday (noun; 17p)

ay I, me, my (personal and possessive pronoun; 1); examples:
ay nd' ay kayna koy «I and my little brother departed»
a no ay se «he/she gave it to me»

ayu, ayuwoo {ayuu, ayuuwo}: West African manatee [mammal] (noun; 5 list)

azawa north (noun; 22)

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