Yantala market

All days there is a market at Yantala. The people call it Yantala market, it is big. At dawn the traders come. They bring a lot of things that they will sell. There are traders that sell lettuce, tomatoes and all other things that come from a vegetable garden. There are also traders that sell ironmongery; they sell knifes, hoes and machetes.

Today Daouda is going to Yantala market. He wants to buy a sharp knife for harvesting millet. He knows a trader who sells a favourable knife, but that knife is expensive. Daouda has not a lot of money, he will bargain.

Daouda Hello.
Hama Hello too.
Daouda How are you?
Hama Fine. Well Daouda what do you want?
Daouda Hama, I'm looking for a knife. The harvest season is coming. It has rained and the millet is good.
Hama Well, I have a knife that you want to have, up on my word. It is fixed very well. You will quickly harvest your millet. Take it!
Daouda looks at the knife. It is real good. He says:
Daouda Well, you're right!. It isn't bad. How much does it cost.
Hama It isn't bad? This knife is the best. I sell it to you for 100 Francs, because you are my friend.
Daouda Is that so? It is expensive. Listen, lower the price.
Hama It isn't expensive. Well I'll take of 5 Francs.
Daouda What a profit! Lower your price. I will look for it at yonder place.
Hama Come! How much money do you have?
Daouda Seventy Francs.
Hama Is that so? It is not true! You will kill me. O.K., a agree because your my friend.

Daouda is going home. He has no money but he has his own knife.      


a) What does Daouda want to buy?

b) For how much did Hama sell it to him?


Last updated: 26 december 2009