Lesson 13
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Exercise 1  Translate into English: adjectives
Zarma English
Tuuri wo ibambata no. This tree, it is huge.
Sandurkodin, izeno no; a si te koyne. That crate, it is old; it is not good anymore.
Da boro sinda baani, hari yeno si bori; idungu no a ga ba. If a person is not healthy, cold water isn't good; it is hot water he wants.
Da boro cora gonda ize hanno, ni ga maa a kaani, amma may ga ba imeri? If a persons friend has a beautiful child, you will hear he is happy, but who wants an ugly one?


Exercise 2  Translate into English: reciprocal pronouns
Zarma English
Iri ma wa day cere banda. Let us buy milk together.
I go ga goy cere banda. They are working together.
I go ga goy cere se. They are working for each other.
Araŋ ma fu cina cere se. Build a house for each other.
Iri kubanda cere. We have met each other.
I go tarey, i go ga goro cere banda; i ga fakare nda cere. They are outside, they are sitting together and conversing with one another.
Kwaara alborey koy foyan cere banda. The men from the village went hunting together.


Exercise 3  Translate into English
Zarma English
Bi fo ay day litre hinza wa Bubon wayboro fo do, amma watokan ay n' a dooru tasa ra, ay gar a hasara. Before yesterday, I bought two litre milk at the house of a Bubon woman, but when I poured it into the dish, I wasted it.

[literally: ...; I came across to waste it]

Ay n' a mun zama a si bori. I spilled it, because it wasn't good looking.
Amma wokan ay day hunkuna, igani no. But the one that I bought today, it is fresh.
Ni m' a dooru kusu fo ra.

Pour it out into a cooking pot.

Haggoy! Wa kay! Be careful ! Stop !
Ni si go ga di a go no ga mun, wala? Don't you see he is spilling it?
Ni ga ba wa moro, wala? Do you want the sour milk?
Han'a, a si kaan ay se ba kayna, amma a ga kaan bori bi se.

No, it doesn't please me not even a little bit, but it pleases Africans.

I g' a haŋ. They drink it.


Exercise 4  Translate to English
Zarma English
Sohon zaari kulu wayna ga koroŋ. Now every noon the sun is burning.
Boro ga maa fufule ba fuwo ra. One [a person] feels the*1 heat even inside the house.
Amma cino ra a ga te dama. But in the evening it becomes better.
Man ni go bi?

Where were you, yesterday?

Bi ay sinda baani, wodin sabbese ay mana kaa goy. Yesterday, I was ill*2, because of that I didn't come to work.
A sinda tali, amma hunkuna ni ma ni goyo te a kulu.

It doesn't matter*3, but you should do all your work today.

*1 when a noun is used in a general sense, in Zarma the indefinite form is used.
*2 literally: I had no health
*3 literally: it has no wrong


Exercise 5  Translate to English
Zarma English
Susub'o Monsieur da Adam koy foyan. This morning, Monsieur and Adam went hunting.
I na curo-bi taci hay. They shoot four guinea fowls.
Cimi no?

Is it really?

Ifo no i n' i hay da?

With what did they shoot them?

I n' i kar da malfa. They hit them with a gun.
I ne, curo-bi bobo go ganjo ra.

They said, there are many guinea fowls in the*1 bush.

Wodin cimi no, zama ba bi fo ay bere di ibobo Dosso fondo ga.

That is true, because, even yesterday, my big (brother/sister) saw many of them on the road to Dosso.

*1 when a noun is used in a general sense, in Zarma the indefinite form is used.


Exercise 6  Translate to English
English Zarma
Zanka bobo kaa ay do bi. Many children came to my place yesterday.
Ay na Irikoy tira caw i se; iri na beytu fo te; wodin banda i dira. I read the Bible to them and we sang a hymn, thereafter they went.
Amma hunkuna wokanyan kaa, manti ibobo no. But today, those who came, it were not many of them.


Exercise 7  Translate to Zarma: warm weather
English Zarma
Bring me a little cool water
(a little water that is cool) because I am thirsty.
Kande hari kayna kan go yeni ay se, zama ay ga jaw.
It is very hot today, but it was cool last night. A ga koroŋ gumo hunkuna, amma a ga yeni bi cin.
The sun is very hot now, but when the rain comes, it will be better. Sohon wayna ga koroŋ gumo, amma watikan hari ga kaa, a ga te dama.


Exercise 8  Translate to Zarma: the tailor
English Zarma
We went to the tailor in order for him to sew me a dress, but we did not find him at his place. Iri koy takwa hal' a ma kway ta, amma iri man' a gar nga do.     
The clothes he made for my friend please him very much.

Bankaarey kan a te ay cora se, i kaan a se gumo.

The sewing on these pants (this pants sewing) is not good.

Mudun' o taayan si bori.

I will not buy it.

Ay s' a day.



Exercise 9  Translate to Zarma: the hunt
English Zarma
We went hunting this afternoon.

Iri koy foyan wicir' o.  

We killed a deer in the bush; its meat is good (tasting). Iri na jeri wi sajo ra; a gahamo ga kaan.
If you work well, tomorrow we can go hunting together. Nda ni goy bori, suba iri ga hin ka koy foyan cere banda.


Exercise 10  Translate to Zarma: be careful
English Zarma
Be careful ! Haggoy fa !
Don't sit on that box, because it is not strong (has no strength). Ma si goro sandurkodin boŋ, zama a sinda gabi.
Bring me a drink of water. Kande hari haŋyan ay se.
Stop ! Don't you see that the water is spilling? Kay ! Ni si di haro ga mun, walla?
If it falls on my book, it will be spoiled.

Nd 'a kaŋ ay tira boη, a ga te hasara.

I don't want it to be necessary to throw it away.

Ay si ba a ga tilas ay m' a cetu.



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