Lesson 1

Exercises 2 and 3 are just practical tasks, and all information is directly available from the lessons.


Exercise 1 Translate to English
Zarma English
Farkay fo zuru. A donkey ran (away).
Wayboro fo kaŋ. A woman fell.
Haw fo kani? A cow laid down?
Hansi fo koy. A dog went.
Yo fo kaŋ. A camel fell.
Bariyo kani. The horse lay down.
Zanka koy. The child went.
Fuwo kaŋ. The house fell (collapsed).
Waybora kaŋ. The woman fell.
Hanso koy. The dog went.
Araŋ koy, wala? Did you go?
Zankey koy? The children went?
Musey zuru. The cats ran (away).
Wande zuru, wala? Did a wife run (away)?
Araŋ kani, wala? Did you go to bed?; Did you rest?

Last updated: 07 februari 2012